Turtle Rigging

Been working on rigging a turtle, model and textures by Kevin Weichel.

15 Jan 2015

RE: Revisions

This past weekend I finally got a chance to see Transformers – Age of Extinction. After the film, as I sat in the darkened theater talking about the film with friends, the topic of skill was brought up. Specifically the skill required to create the amazing visuals we had just witnessed. In specific the transformation sequences.

30 Jul 2014

Do you need another render pass?

When planning the goals for a project it might seem like splitting hairs to layout wants vs needs, but it can be amazingly helpful later in production. Workflow is about creating a plan of getting to a final product. You can think of it like a literal map, showing you how to get somewhere. Setting

24 May 2014

Chisels and Plugins

The tools that we use, how do they change the way that we do work? The software that you use, the plugins that speed up certain tasks, even the hardware you work on is a tool. Software and hardware can looked at in terms of features, can this program work with ptex, or can this

01 May 2014
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