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Revisiting Hobbits: Level set

After some recovery time from the Game jam in January, I reviewed my level work. While it was ok for being rushed time wise, I really wanted to do it justice. So I broke it back out and started to rework it.

One of the first things I did was re-size it to fit on correct grids. Each hall would be 3×6, each turn would be ΒΌ of 90 degree turn. I also broke wall chunks down to also have a 1×6 version. Then I began adding variations adding two more more tunnel types, and two different tunnel sizes, and also added window pieces. I also created a set for building square rooms. The building set grew from being about 4 pieces to over 40.




One of the other constraints that we had during the Game jam was that we wanted to keep the frame rate of the game over 60 frames per second, to reduce the chance of motion sickness. So, when creating the original assets I tried to keep the poly counts low, and make up for it with textures. After the Game jam we looked back at the profiler, and noticed we could up the poly limit.

One of the first places I wanted to add extra geometry data was to the sides of tunnels, and also to the connections. I upped the number of loops in the tunnel walls, to get a better profile for around the edges. The textures also got reworked on the way. Originally I had all of the textures atlased together on a small 1kx2k map. I upped the texture to 2k x 4k, and organized the UVs.

Now that the set is done it can be built with, each piece fits together rather nicely. Next up on the revision list is the smaller props: To make to tunnels and rooms more lived in.

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