Horse Modeling

I started working on modeling a horse. Targeting UE4, I created to high poly sculpt, and proceeded to retopo the mesh for use in engine. Then I began working on a shader for UE4 that would allow the customization of coat colors and patterns. Using a lower resolution gray-scale image as a mask different feature

05 Aug 2015

Tool Modeling

Some tools I have been working on modeling, intended for use in Unreal Engine 4. I started off with a high-poly sculpt, and then re retopologized down to a lower resolution mesh. and baked the data in and added some simple shaders in Substance designer. I then started playing around with adding more wear and

25 Jun 2015

Low-Poly Tree Stump

Wanted to start getting my head around sculpting more, So I started modeling a tree stump.   I sculpted a High-poly mesh, then decimated it down and cleaned up and applied materials. For the┬ámaterials I used the “True normal” and “Incoming” vectors to add some slight colors. Some slight post work Photoshop and it was

22 May 2015

Wall Material

Working on some basic textures. Download link

04 May 2015

Revisiting Hobbits: Level set

After some recovery time from the Game jam in January, I reviewed my level work. While it was ok for being rushed time wise, I really wanted to do it justice. So I broke it back out and started to rework it. One of the first things I did was re-size it to fit on

25 Mar 2015

Glass Cube

A shader test, for replicating The look of a Crystal Optic Sculpture. Like seen Here  

21 Mar 2015

GGJ 2015: Part 2 – Themes and Assets

We had decided on what kind of game we wanted to create, but not really how the player would connect to that world. I began to work on possible story-lines for the player to be dodging thing, or interacting with the environment. Some of the first ideas were to have the game set in a

19 Mar 2015

GGJ 2015: Part 1 – The First Hours.

At the end of January I was able to participate in the Global Game Jam. You can read more about game jam as a whole here: Link It was a thrilling and sleep deprived 48 hours of fun and creativity. There was just something electric about being in a space with dozens of other people

10 Mar 2015

Orc Rigging

Been working on rigging a Orc, model and textures by Kevin Weichel.

11 Feb 2015

Mammoth Rigging

Been working on rigging a Mammoth, model and textures by Kevin Weichel.

19 Jan 2015
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